Top 3 mistakes in Web Design

It is not easy to design a website to receive any prize or mention in national competition, even if it involves a lot of work and budget slightly higher, but it is very simple to follow some principles to provide a good impression of your potential customers. In this article we will talk briefly about some common mistakes that should be avoided.
1. harms abundant ads – It is very important not to place too many advertisements on your site, whether we speak of a presentation, shop, or simply blog. Excess harms ads! Not to mention that the presentation site services / products nor the question to place ads (Adsense, 2Parale etc). It could affect your image! Regarding blogs and sites with free services, ads are useless but should not be abused.
2. Lack of content text and pictures – a picture is worth a thousand words, it is true, but there must be a balance between images and text – depending on the activity, of course. The fact is that the texts are important to customers and to optimize search engines, and images (the graphics) to reinforce the words in text. Try not to neglect these two main weapons!
3. Pay attention to fonts – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing a font manager wrong, or more, ignoring this aspect. We are here for your attention, saying that the fonts must be a priority in your agenda – they differ from site to site, for example sites presentation using Georgia, that is fine and easily readable font. To use larger fonts blogs, wider and more prominent. Prologue team and can advise you on this issue!



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