Online shopping is growing!
Online shopping is no longer a novelty, now that increasingly more and more Romanians are now surfing with the evolution of computers, tablets and mobile phones – these surfers tend to shop online and large profits tcan be made

An example of this

An example recently offered by a study initiated by Dacris reveals that of all internet users in Romania, about 82% said they used online shopping. The main products being books and clothes, which are easily found., but other niches such as IT, furniture, perfumes etc. are harder to find.

What influences the buying decision?

The advantages of online shopping are already well-known by all, but the main weapon is represented by offerings that consumers can take advantage. It saves having to travel to a shop or store to track an item. This is where where online shopping is most beneficial. It’s so convenient that you don’t have to leave your house. You can also shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The internet never closes.
Other advantages of an eCommerce platform
– In some cases, you can buy directly from the importer, so prices are lower for products.
– You may form an overview to know which product is better for your customer’s needs and more convenient for you
– At your disposal, just a click away, you can find all the details of the product
– Online payment is safe, because banks have invested heavily in this respect!


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